Case Neck Turning Step By Step

…for the guys wanting to neck turn for chambers that are not tight necks, be they factory or custom, the question of what thickness to turn to is a bit more muddy. Obviously, you don’t “need” to neck turn at all, for a factory or non-tight neck chamber. And of course, factory chambers are generously proportioned and sloppy of fit to begin with, so there is always concern for making things even sloppier…

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Jeep TJ/LJ Better Brakes

With the addition of bumpers, winch, armor etc., and the weight and rolling resistance of 35’s, the factory brakes on my 2006 Jeep LJ have never been more than okay…. I decided to go for the 17” wheel flavor, utilizing dual piston calipers for an ’11-’15 Grand Cherokee or Durango and rotors for an ’11-’14 Mustang GT.

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Velvety Goodness, with lion!

That’s exactly what I said to the kids when I spotted this cat. “Look! A lion!”

Spotted him running through the oak brush, looked like maybe chasing a deer. After the kids spotted him my daughter started whistling at him and he stopped, turned and took a few strides our way. Then jumped up on a stump to get a better look at us over the oak brush. Sitting up proud and pretty at about 70 yards!

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