.20 Dasher Mongrel Build Part 2

Anytime you are getting a barrel that has already been fit and chambered for another action, and especially when getting a barrel custom fitted to a modified action, there is absolutely no guarantee that the barrel is going to fit or headspace properly on your action. You don’t need to be a ‘smith or a machinist to safely install a barrel like this, but you do need to have a complete grasp and understanding of barrel fitting and headspace etc.

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.20 Dasher Mongrel Build Part 1

A heavy varmint taper, fluted, Hart barrel, 28” long, chambered in .20 Dasher by Greg Tannel.  Even though, I need another rifle like this one about like I need another hole in my head… I woke up one morning with no thoughts of needing or even wanting another rifle like this and went to bed that same night owning the barrel and making plans to use it…

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Deep Creek Mountains, June ’14

“Under the settlement announced Monday by officials for Utah and Juab County and a number of environmental groups, the federal government agreed to reopen Granite Canyon, Toms Creek and Trout Creek roads in the Deep Creek Mountains.”

Last Thursday, after confirming with the BLM that the gates were in fact now open, I pointed the Jeep’s hood west…

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