Peeing On My Boots

As I post this, it’s July 1.  I originally posted this in November, 2015.  In the heat of the summer, with cold weather and coyote hunting seeming like a long ways off, I like to revisit some of these old trip reports.

A good weekend

Good hunt this weekend. Got out amongst ’em with my old partner Tim and the coyotes were biting real good on jackrabbit :).

We killed 13 yesterday. Somehow, I ended up killing 11 of those myself. Best stand of the weekend was the last one for the day yesterday, I killed 4 coyotes on that one stand to end the day.

Dave with four coyotes from one stand
Four coyotes from last stand of the day, not sure which one died while I was peeing on my boots

Last stand of the day. We had already put 9 dead coyotes in the truck for the day, but I told Tim we better get one more on this last stand to make it 10.

Wind was blowing pretty good, Tim chose to sit by the caller, I posted myself about 120 yards quartering downwind and sat down in front of the brush line where the sage gave way to rolling short grass. Few minutes into the jackrabbit blues, a coyote goes running by right in front of me, then peeled off heading away from me going for straight downwind of the caller. I started tracking him in the scope as he ran, almost shot a few times, sight picture just not quite right. Then I see movement out of my left eye. Another coyote running by right in front of me, I came off the one I’d been trying to get a shot at and rolled up the close one. That made 10 for the day and I was a happy camper.

Couple minutes later, another one comes trotting up the wind towards the call, about 150 yards straight out from me, it checked up and I dumped it.

Two down, 11 for the day, this is fun!

Couple minutes later, another one comes in, I see it catch wind of the one I’d most recently killed, it ran right up to it, put it’s head down for a sniff and I dumped it right on top of the other one.

Three down, 12 for the day, this is way fun!

Called the stand off at 17 minutes. I had to piss. So I empty my chamber, stand up, shoulder the rifle and proceed to relieve myself. Just getting into full flow and a coyote comes trotting out of nowhere only 60 yards away, straight upwind. Still in full flow, I unshoulder my rifle and work the bolt to chamber a round. Coyote sees the movement and starts to trot away. Now just dribbling a few drops on my boots, I track her in the scope for a few strides and roll her up.

Four down, 13 for the day, daaaang, this is super fun!

Poor Tim, sitting by the caller, barely saw any of them. Mostly just heard me shooting. Said he knew every shot was a dead coyote by the familiar meat report my .17 makes.

Anyhoo… Great hunt! Ended up with 17 coyotes and a badger called in and killed.

17 coyotes for the weekend


Peeing On My Boots
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Peeing On My Boots
Coyote hunt trip report with one particularly memorable stand described.
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