So what is and why have I created it?

Let me start by introducing myself.  My name is Dave Affleck.  On the various internet forums I’ve been on over the years I go by my initials – DAA.  I’m an avid coyote hunter.  I also have many other outdoor interests and pursuits, including off road exploration by Jeep, photography, southwest archaeology, backpacking, fishing, camping, hiking etc.

I’ve created this website to post items related to all of the above.  But, why?  The last thing the world needs is yet another coyote hunting site, or another personal blog, right?  To answer that, I have to step back a bit and give you a bit of my history.  Back in 2001, my partner Tim and I decided to make a varmint hunting video, Varmint Safari.  It was a success and we went on to make a total of four Varmint Safari videos, finishing the last one in 2007 and selling over 4,000 copies.  To sell our videos I created a website, (which brings you here now).

Tim 2001
My partner in crime, Tim, in 2001

I wrote some stuff here and there and added the articles to that site.  Eventually I quit doing anything with the site and had totally neglected it for years.  And in fact, I didn’t even have the ability to make any changes to the site anymore.  Apparently the company that hosts it is no longer in the web hosting business, but they still had the site running on a server somewhere.  The site lived, but was frozen in time.  And every once in awhile, an order for our videos would still come through from it.  I really needed to take that site down.  The videos were made a long time ago.  They aren’t even HD.  By todays standards they are just poor quality and I don’t want anyone buying them.

DAA in 2001
Me in 2001

But, there were those articles I had written, that I wanted to keep alive.  So, I decided to create a new site, this one, as a place to keep them available online.

Then, I got to thinking, about all the years I have been on the various predator hunting forums.  I wrote a lot of good stuff for a lot of those forums too.  But predator hunting forums are dying out.  Many have disappeared.  And when they do, all the content that has been built up in them goes away too.  I decided, as long as I was creating a new site to store my old articles, I might as well put some of my posts on here as well.

First Varmint Safari ad
The very first ad for Varmint Safari, appeared in the July, 2002 issue of The Varmint Hunter magazine

So, that’s really all there is to it. is just a place to keep some of my various writings and postings alive on the web.

I’d like to see this new site become relevant too though.  I’m a busy guy.  I won’t be posting daily.  Probably once a week at most.  I do intend to create some fresh content when I can though.  So, please, if you have a question or a comment, take a moment and post it.  Your contributions will help drive the direction of new content and we just may all learn a new trick or two as we go.

DAA and Tim 2015
Me and Tim in 2015

Thanks for visiting!

Dave Affleck

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