Coyote jumped on me, hooked on shotgunning!

So, I only started using a shotgun on coyotes last year. Just had not ever really tried it before. I was a rifleman and I killed coyotes with a rifle and that was that.

Well, anyway, decided to change that and try to take advantage of all the stands I’ve just been driving by in the past. And that, in itself, has worked out pretty well. I’ve killed quite a few coyote now on what I call “shotgun stands” that I’d have never made before.

But… I’m liking the up close in your face fast action too! And after a stand this morning, I’m definitely hooked.

Sitting about 5 yards from the caller, snow starting to come down kind of hard. Just scanning the terrain out in front. And without any warning, never saw or heard anything coming – BAM! A coyote ran into me full tilt. Hit me on my right side so hard it knocked me sideways a little bit! As I jumped up screaming the coyote was using my body for traction and doing it’s own version of jumping up screaming. Left red marks on my chest and right arm where it’s toenails dug in to launch off in a new direction.

More than mildly surprised that I regained enough composure, quickly enough to roll it up graveyard dead at about 20 yards as it was leaving.

Coyote that jumped on me
Coyote that ran into me full speed while I was sitting on stand

Very next stand, I killed another one at 25 yards running straight in and hit another one at about 45 yards but that one got away.

Very next stand after that, I had a pair coming hot. Killed the female at 5 feet as she was leaping up to the caller. Didn’t even fully shoulder the shotgun or try to aim, just held it out in a semi self defense posture and she took the full 1-1/2 oz. of Hevi-shot BB at less than 2 yards. Second one put on the brakes and started to leave but dropped it clean at 25 yards.

This is that second pair.

Shotgun pair of coyotes

Had half a dozen coyotes run within less than 10 yards of me this weekend. Killed 7 with the shotgun and we got another half dozen with the rifles. Good fun! Having one plow right into me was extra fun!


Coyote Jumped On Me!
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Coyote Jumped On Me!
Coyote hunt trip report, especially exciting stand when a coyote ran into me going full speed.
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