Focus on Fundamentals

I have always maintained that if a guy simply focuses on executing the fundamentals, he’ll do pretty good calling coyotes.

The fundamentals being simply:

  • Call where there are callable coyotes
  • Get to your stand undetected
  • Pay attention to the wind at all times
  • Pay special attention to the wind in setting up a stand

That’s about it. Do all that right, and nothing else, and you’ll do well.

Not a record setting day, but given current conditions, nothing to be ashamed of either

This Year, It’s Almost Like Starting Over

If you are a regular reader of my modest little blog here, then first of all – thank you! Second of all, you already know that coyote hunting is slow in my area of operations this year. About the slowest I can ever remember it.

Just to put that into some context… In the last ten seasons or so before this one, I had only been blanked out – that is, not even seen a called coyote – on one day that I can remember. Once, in ten years of calling. I’ve had three days like that already this year, lol!

Prior to this year, I had got to where I just expected to get at least a couple coyotes in a day of calling. Just took it for granted. Days of ten coyotes or more, were not rare.

This year, I had one day that I called in seven coyotes. But, I went back again to that spot just recently, and had one of the blank out days just mentioned. Throw out that one good day, and the next best day I’ve had this year is only three coyotes.

So, anyway… In facing some much tougher calling than I had become accustomed to, I have realized that I had become kind of lazy on my execution of the fundamentals and have been re-learning some old lessons.

Only one coyote to show for two days of calling in this spot

I’m Actually Enjoying This!

Being forced to work much smarter and a little bit harder for the coyotes I get this year has actually been a lot of fun though!

I have made a real conscious effort to return to simply executing on the fundamentals. And I’ve become a better coyote hunter in the last couple of months. Not better than I have ever been, but better than I have been for at least four or five years.

Part of the fun, has been really focusing on finding callable coyotes. I have covered an awful lot of dusty miles already this season. But, it has paid off. I haven’t found any heavy concentrations, but I have found several pockets that I have been able to get a few coyotes out of. Knowing, first hand, how much barren ground is out there, I am having a lot of fun and getting a lot of satisfaction finding coyotes where they maybe aren’t supposed to be.

The scenery alone is worth going for, but those coyotes on the rack are more appreciated than ever,, too

I have also been much more attentive to details of wind and stand selection than some of the lazy habits I’d fallen into in recent years. The result, has been that while I’m not calling many coyotes, at least almost none of them are getting away. When I’m really paying attention and putting in the work to setup a stand, coyotes that do show up, leave with me.

Bottom line. The calling has been slow. But I’ve been enjoying it more than ever! And I’m feeling like my game has gotten sharper. Appreciating each and every opportunity I get and working to make sure I can take advantage of those opportunities has me more engaged in the process and enjoying the challenge more than I have in many years.

Being able to still collect one or two most days under the circumstances, has been more satisfying than piling them up has been in recent years too.

Focus on fundamentals of coyote hunting
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Focus on fundamentals of coyote hunting
Low coyote numbers and slow calling in the authors area has him re-focused on the basics of succesful coyote calling.
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7 thoughts on “Focus on Fundamentals”

  1. It truly is nice just to get out.
    Coyotes are almost nonexistent around here too.
    But I still get up and head out full of confidence.

    Glad to know I am not the only one getting humbled.

  2. Great write up. I have noticed the lack of calling in coyotes in my areas, has been due to increased amount of people out hunting coyotes. I recently went out while two separate contests were running. I saw 7 total rigs out hunting, and 3 of which were well known, and effective coyote hunters. Looks like i need to start stretching out and finding new country. Do you think the days of finding areas that hold lots of coyotes (that arent pressured) are done? It is more popular then ever now, and it is harder then ever.

    1. Tyler, I sure hope those days aren’t gone. It kinda feels like it though. For sure, it’s never going to be like it was, fifteen, twenty years ago, ever again. Hopefully, it will at least be like it was five years ago again though!

      But yeah… People, people, people everywhere. And more coming all the time. For myself, I’d guess that, yes, the really fine days of finding big pockets of virgin ears are mostly a thing of the past.

  3. Sure agree.People and more people.Harder and harder to find those ‘pockets’.Changing it up a bit likely will help.Maybe calling thick stuff with a shotgun,using different sounds and calling less,and if hunting ‘old’ spots,coming in from a new direction even if longer and harder to access.
    For sure though,’basics’ are more important then ever.

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