Little Slice Of Heaven

Tim and I got out and explored a little bit of new ground recently. Found ourselves a little slice or ‘chuck hunting heaven!

We spent the first day covering stuff we’ve been through many times before. Doing the usual this time of year, putting along, glassing, taking short walks, popping a ‘chuck or squirrel or three as opportunity presented.

Tim glassing a spot that has produced many, many ‘chucks over the years

We camped the first night in a spot about as far into this country as we have ever been before. The next day, we’d decide to push on into stuff we haven’t ever gotten into yet.

First night camp

So, we got up the next morning and after breaking camp, debated whether to loop back through familiar country, or push on into new stuff. We decided on the new stuff.

Soon, we were climbing out of a dead end canyon on a seldom used, over grown track. Lots of screeching branches on paint getting up out of this canyon.

The willows on either side were growing over the trail in spots, scratched the heck out of Tim’s Tacoma

Once we topped out again, we glassed the distance for likely looking terrain and thought we saw something worth trying to get a closer look at.

Glassing yonder possibilities

So, off we went, navigating two tracks to get to the area that had looked promising from a distance. And eventually, we arrived. The Chuck Cathedral.

The Chuck Cathedral

Chucks scampering on every rock pile and reef! We found some of the world famous Acapulco Cliff Diving ‘Chucks living here too. It was awesome!

Fresh ‘chuck filth to be seen on every rock!
‘Chuck burrows near every rock too!
Close ones got the HMR. Further ones got the .22-250AI

Following a very enjoyable day of incredible scenery and getting into some great new ‘chuck ground, we found a scenic spot to pitch the tent for the second night.

Second night camp

Too much fun!

Until next time…

Little Slice of Heaven
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Little Slice of Heaven
Short 'chuck hunting trip.
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8 thoughts on “Little Slice Of Heaven”

  1. Awesome sauce, Dave & Tim!
    Reading this brought flashbacks of watching your ‘Varmint Safari’ vids for the first time! Our eastern chucks live in some pretty country & are plenty fun to target, but y’all surely got the adventure portion of the chuck market cornered…
    Keep having fun gents!!!

  2. Fred put me on to this and I’ve Redlined with him. I keep asking myself why I live in the east when I look at your blog. Fred is right, we have some good eastern chuck shooting in NY, but wow…west is stunning.

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