Ghost Town Tour 2020

The White Pine district got it’s legs in the late 1860’s when the “White Pine fever” created the “White Pine rush”, with 13,000 claims filed in two year period. Spawning many short lived but colorful and vibrant camps and towns, including the Belmont mill, Shermantown, Eberhardt, Hamilton and Swansea and many others. At it’s peak in the early 1870’s the district was home to over 30,000 men.

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Velvety Goodness, with lion!

That’s exactly what I said to the kids when I spotted this cat. “Look! A lion!”

Spotted him running through the oak brush, looked like maybe chasing a deer. After the kids spotted him my daughter started whistling at him and he stopped, turned and took a few strides our way. Then jumped up on a stump to get a better look at us over the oak brush. Sitting up proud and pretty at about 70 yards!

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