From Tybo to Treasure City

Of most interest at the site though, and what brought me here, is an arrastra, sitting all by itself in the bottom of a small canyon a mile or two from the mill. I’ve wanted to check it out ever since I was told about it years ago…

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536 Miles Of Dirt

…A simple idea…  Drive from Wendover, straddling the Nevada/Utah border on I-80, to St. George in the SW corner of Utah, near the Arizona border.   Drive from Wendover to St. George… on dirt…

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Deep Creek Mountains, June ’14

“Under the settlement announced Monday by officials for Utah and Juab County and a number of environmental groups, the federal government agreed to reopen Granite Canyon, Toms Creek and Trout Creek roads in the Deep Creek Mountains.”

Last Thursday, after confirming with the BLM that the gates were in fact now open, I pointed the Jeep’s hood west…

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